Vermont Long-Term Care Ombudsman Project

The Vermont Long-Term Care Ombudsman Project protects the health, welfare and rights of people who live in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other group homes for adults who need care. We also help people who receive long-term care in their homes through Choices for Care (CFC).

We work to empower our clients and improve their quality of life. We resolve individual concerns about long-term care. We also educate people about their rights. And we advocate for better laws and rules related to long-term care.

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The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Project has developed online information on long-term care topics. Access them on our website.

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Aging, dignity and independence

John has been in a nursing home since he suffered a stroke several years ago. While he has recovered some mobility, his balance is not good and his strength varies from day to day. Together, these issues make him a serious fall risk.

An outgoing, independent person by nature, John likes to visit with other residents, and he wants to use the toilet in his room instead of a diaper or bedpan. His daughter, Ann, called the Long Term Care Ombudsman’s office because John complained on several occasions that the nursing home aides wouldn’t help him get out of bed. He would ring his call bell, the aides would come to his room and reset the bell, but they wouldn’t help him get out of bed.

Our ombudsman talked to the director of nursing to make her aware of the problem and to reinforce the fact that John was a serious fall risk. The director instructed the aides to help Ann’s father get out of bed when he rang his bell. With this issue resolved, Ann noticed a visible difference in her dad’s emotional well-being.


Name(s) and some details have been changed to protect anonymity and confidentiality.

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