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Board of Trustees

Vermont Legal Aid is guided by an outstanding and diverse board of trustees with a strong commitment to expanding fairness and justice in the civil legal system.

Our board members include former clients, community and business leaders, and members of the private bar, as well as a staff representative. The VLA board members are:

  • Erin Jacobsen, Esq., Attorney Trustee, Interim President and Vice President
  • Peter Kunin, Esq., Attorney Trustee
  • Joan Lavoie, Client Trustee
  • Jill Martin Diaz, Esq., Attorney Trustee
  • Jessica A. Oski, Esq., Attorney Trustee
  • Jacqueline Scott Dawkins, Client Trustee
  • Amelia Silver, Attorney Trustee
  • Olivia Smith-Hammond, Client Trustee
  • Bessie Weiss, Esq., Attorney Trustee, Treasurer and Secretary
  • Kelli Kazmarski, Esq., Staff Representative

Board meetings are open to the public

The next meeting is Wednesday, June 14, 2023, at 2 p.m.

For information about how to attend the next meeting, please call (802) 863-5620 and ask for the executive assistant.

Minutes from previous meetings are available on request. To request minutes, please call (802) 863-5620 and ask for the executive assistant.