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Financial Information

Vermont Legal Aid is a lean, agile organization that makes the most of its funding and shifts quickly to serve the legal needs of low-income Vermonters.

Expenses — FY 2022

Vermont Legal Aid’s total expenses in Fiscal Year 2022 were $10,183,597. We break the expenses into four major categories.

Pie chart showing VLA expenses in 4 categories. Detailed table follows.

Table of FY 2022 VLA Expenses
Category Expense
Personnel $7,444,843
Subcontracts and professional services $1,450,915
Occupancy and office overhead $913,852
Administrative support expenses and other costs $373,987
Total expenses $10,183,597

Funding — FY 2022

Our funding came from a variety of sources totalling $11,920,571.

Pie chart showing VLA income from 8 categories. Detailed table follows.

Table of FY 2022 VLA Income
Source Income
One-time COVID and Federal Stimulus Funds $3,276,236
Vermont Agency of Human Services $2,233,251
Other state funding $3,495,908
Nonprofit organizations $1,223,068
Vermont Bar Foundation $692,603
Direct federal funding $573,041
Legal Services Vermont contract $252,689
Other income $173,775
Total income $11,920,571

Report: $11 return for every $1 in legal services funding

6 million in funding creates 66.4 million economic impact in Vermont


“The findings of this study have demonstrated that additional investments aimed at bridging the ‘justice gap’ not only will help many more people, but also will have dramatic economic impacts that benefit all Vermonters.” — Vermont Access to Justice Coalition

Read about the Vermont Bar Foundation’s report.

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Vermont Legal Aid is a nonprofit corporation that is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.