State Employees Push For Tax Hikes On The Rich

Christopher Curtis, a staff attorney at Vermont Legal Aid, says the cuts to programs at the Agency of Human Services function like tax increases on the poor.

This webinar, presented by Vermont Legal Aid attorney Christine Speidel, in collaboration with the National Health Law Program, covers:

Premium Tax Credit (PTC) Forms needed to claim PTC Reconciliation examples Consequences of not repaying excess APTC Individual Shared Responsibility Payment (SRP) Information needed for tax filing How to claim (or apply for) an exemption from the SRP Using an SRP calculator SRP examples Consequences of not paying the SRP Referrals and Resources

View the recorded presentation at the National Health Law Program website. The sound quality improves after the introduction.

Jackie Majoros, Committed Advocate for Long-Term Care Reform

Jackie Majoros, the State Long Term Care Ombudsman for Vermont, is featured in this full-page article that appeared in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Vermont Woman. The article describes Jackie's contributions to improvements in long term care for Vermonters and explains the long term care landscape in Vermont.

Report: Students With Disabilities Suspended More Frequently Than Peers

VLA staff attorney Jay Diaz discusses the results he found in his study reported in Kicked Out! Unfair and Unequal Discipline in Vermont's Schools.

Majoros Receives National Advocacy Award

Jackie Majoros, the State Long Term Care Ombudsman for Vermont, received the Cernoria Johnson Memorial Advocacy Award at the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care (Consumer Voice) Annual Conference in Arlington, Virginia on November 16. The award recognizes Majoros for work that has had national impact, is a model for national excellence and/or exemplifies accomplishment in her field.

Education, Poverty and Youth Law

Jay Diaz, a staff attorney at Vermont Legal Aid, recently appeared on CCTV Channel 17 with host Tom Garrett. Tom is executive director of Legal Services Law Line of Vermont and regularly hosts a program to explain legal issues that are important to Vermonters. In this video, Jay discusses how he has worked over the last two years to use the law to help break the generational cycle of poverty - the circumstances that lead children who grow up in poverty to be much more likely to live in poverty as adults.

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Consumer Protections and Debt

VLA lawyers Jean Murray and Christine Speidel talk about debt and debt collection. They explain about the debt buying industry, which income is protected, what debt collectors can't do, where to file a complaint, where to get legal help, and more. For more information about debt and debt collection, go to our Vermont Law Help website.

Chris Curtis, Vermont Legal Aid

VLA staff lawyer Chris Curtis discusses his work with VLA's Poverty Law Project, as well as the work of Vermont Legal Aid and Law Line.

Vermont's Long Term Care Ombudsman Project

Jackie Majoros, director of VLA's Long Term Care Ombudsman Project, and Russ Tonkin, a volunteer with VLA's Volunteer Ombudsman Project (VOP), discuss what the VOP is and does and how to become a VOP volunteer. The Project Staff and volunteers monitor and investigate the quality of care that Vermonters receiving Long Term Care services receive.

Mental Health Law Project Aids Those In Involuntary Mental Health System

Jack McCullough, director of Vermont Legal Aid's Mental Health Law Project, discusses VLA's representation of patients who are subject to involuntary commitment and/or forced medication.