The staff at Vermont Legal Aid brings impressive credentials and experience together with a deep commitment to making a difference in the lives of our clients to create a powerful force for justice in Vermont.


Susan Alexander, MAP Paralegal

Eric Avildsen, Executive Director

Devon Ayers, Testing Coordinator

Kate Bailey, Health Care Advocate

Rachel Batterson, HDLP Director

Annalee Beaulieu, Health Care Advocate

Emily Bens, Health Care Advocate

Michael Benvenuto, ELP Director 

Laura Bierley, Attorney

Jim Brown, Chief Financial Officer

Sherrie Brunelle, Paralegal

Grace Cherouny, VISTA MLP Development Project

William R. Dysart, Attorney

Michael Fisher, Chief Health Care Advocate

Jennifer Fredette, Support Staff

Olivia Graffeo-Cohen, Attorney

Mark Hengstler, Health Care Advocate

Erika Johnson, Attorney

David Koeninger, Deputy Director

Laurie Larson, Health Care Advocate

Zachary Lees, Attorney


Emily Miller, Attorney

Sean Londergan, State Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Anson Montgomery, Sr. IT & Network Administrator

Alicia Moyer, Ombudsman

Kelly Murphy Moreton, MAP Case Coordinator

Jesse Norford, Support Staff

Mairead O'Reilly, Attorney

Barbara Prine, Attorney

Jessica Radbord, Attorney

Alicia Roderigue, Health Care Advocate

Jill Rudge, Poverty Law Fellow

Rachel Seelig, Attorney

Olivia Sharrow, Health Care Advocate

Julia Shaw, Health Policy Analyst

Marjorie Stinchcombe, Attorney

Jo Telensky, IT and Network Administrator

Leslie Thayer, HR Admin/Accounting, Interim CFO

Rebecca Wells, Accounting Assistant

Betsy Whyte, Executive Assistant


Berry Carroll, Support Staff

Michelle Carter, Ombudsman

Maguire Curran, Attorney

Carolyn Jarrett, Attorney

Kaili Kuiper, Attorney

Jean Murray, Attorney

Cammie Naylor, Attorney

Sandy Paritz, PLP Director

Grace Pazdan, Attorney

Rebecca Plummer, Attorney

Eric Schultheis, Attorney


Montpelier - Mental Health Law Project

Ellen Cheney, Office Manager

Wendy Hoffman, Attorney

Jack McCullough, Director

Gail Sophrin, Attorney


Charles Becker, Attorney

Nancy Breiden, DLP Director

Jane Callahan, Paralegal

Jane Munroe, Ombudsman

Maureen O'Reilly, Attorney

Jennifer Philo, Support Staff

Rebecca Smith, Attorney


Katrina Boemig, Ombudsman

Leah Burdick, Attorney

Sara Kagle, Attorney

Leslie Kreek, Paralegal

Jeannette Lachapelle, Support Staff

Brigid Lynch, Attorney

Marilyn Mahusky, Attorney

Charlene Wakefield, Accounts Analyst

St. Johnsbury

Stephanie Berube, Support Staff

Maryellen Griffin, Attorney

Alice Harter, Ombudsman

Kelli Kazmarski, Attorney

Wendy Morgan, Attorney